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TW and PRC Controversy :: 台獨爭論

- extracted from Swiss info (3/27/2005)
"I am here to protest against a barbaric China which looks down upon the Taiwanese people," said 70-year-old businessman Fan Wen-yi, adding he was not affiliated to any political party and had never participated in a protest before. "The anti-secession law, simply put, is a law that authorises war."

- "Back China plans to outlaw Taiwan independence, leaders tell Rice" Times Online (3/21/2005)


- "Secession law aims at peace, China says" International Herald Tribune (3/15/2005)

=== COMMENTS ===
Out of the many English newspaper I have read on this topic, only ONE press has picked up or bothered to quote what Wen Jiabao said in the press interview on 3/14 regarding the secession law. The bias of coverage since 3/14 stirred international conflicts, and further escalated negative presumptions of "THE communist PRC" amongst individuals. Use of words in titles ("Back China"), quotes from protesters ("barbaric China"), reveal the power of media that proliferates biased connotations of the Law among general public.

For those who care about the this matter, here is a site that has a vast pool of English coverage. Knowledge and 'independent thinking' is the key to freedom of the mind and sight.


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