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the truth of S/M

最近在閱讀一些Marquis de Sade的文學評論。Marquis de Sade (1740-1814)可以說是現代S/M的根源。S/M的真正概念至今已被歪曲及缺乏真正的了解,其實S/M的原意是挑戰"神 - GOD"的function,以及社會的權力。於Sade有生之年,這概念是十分前衛。

Michel Foucault 在1970年才創出"The History of Sexuality"這本書,主要論述社會的控制力如可由「社會」這機構轉移到「個人」身上,透過控制「個人」的身體,性別等來作全面的控制和統一化。簡單的例子:家庭是由一男一女組成,同性就被邈視或'demonize.'

試想Sade當年寫"The 120 Days of Sodom"及其他作品,怎會不被當作瘋子及性變態?
(120 Days 是描寫4位有錢有勢力的成年人,各捉了一班年輕男女作30天的性虐待。)當然,虐待的描寫十分重,那正是用來反映社會/"神"對人的虐待:
"Everything has to be wicked, barbarous, inhuman - as your God is - and these are the vices which must be adopted if one wishes to plaese him; not that there is much hope of succeeding, since that evil which always does harm, the evil which is God's essence, could not possibly be susceptible either to love or gratitude.  If this God who is the center of evil and ferocity torments man, and his Nature and other men torment him throughout his existence, what reason is there to doubt that he accts in the same way, and perhaps even involuntarily, on this wisp which survives after man and which ... is nothing other than evil?....once I become aware of this, evil becomes good for me as it is for the being who has created me in his dealings with me, and I am pleased by the evil I do others as God is pleased by the evil he has done to me.  ...  pleasure through comparison, a pleasure which can only be born from the sight of the unhappy, .. wherever men are equal and where differences do not exist, happiness will never exist; it's quite like the situation of the man who doesn't appreciate the price of good health until he has been ill." (Sade quoted in Klossowski)
- 簡短來說,神創造要經過生老病死的人,那麼神不是最可惡(Sadist)的嗎?Sade的邏輯其實很簡單。

Simone de Beauvior & Pierre Klossowski
Maurice Blanchot
Roland Barthes



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